Monday July 7 2008

all of a sudden it is a bad day. not that i wasn’t expecting it, nor was i fooled by the auspicious beginning.

to my appointment with a dental surgeon in fucking outer western mongolia aptly named dr.goldberg whose talent is wearing a worried expression after he has looked in your mouth and poked around a bit. he wants to sell me thirty thousand dollars worth of dental work. i don’t have the heart to tell him it ain’t gonna happen.

it starts raining. i have a bad coffee in a cold cafe where they propped the door open with a brick after i sat down. an old, old lady is munching on a sandwich. she looks worried too. she surreptitiously hides half her sandwich in a serviette.

it is exactly the sort of day when you’d have every right be miserable and/or worried : what with the petrol prices and the drought and the interest rates and the cost of housing and drug queen roberta williams turning cover girl.

but it is the meaninglessness of my activities and their inconsequential nature which is the cause of my misery today.