Monday, 19 September 2022

city planners ought to be instructed always to keep the layouts of the streets of cities the same, so that the dead, when they are visiting, do not get lost.

i have no influence over cities or city planners but in my bedroom i reign supreme and my bed is back in the winter position now, where it was when you asked me to hold you and i held you and you asked me to hold you tighter and i held you tighter — and you held me and i barely moved all night so as not to break the spell. for 12 hours we were in another one of the ten to the power of five hundred universes and the eleven dimensions. that night was incontrovertible proof that it is possible to access the impossible.

it was a long way back.

it was too much and not enough at the same time. if someone asked, not that anyone would, that's what i would say about it now that i've climbed out of the abyss — or perhaps it was more a case of keeping very still and allowing my-so-called-self to float to the surface. i learned that trick forty years ago when i dreamed i was drowning in the ocean off the southeast coast of australia.