Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

i woke up from a *very* vivid dream completely free of fear


And then when i open my computer there is this from my reality therapy teacher :

"In all my years of teaching this stuff there is only you and one other whose thinking has been on this level and it has been for me a joy..." And she is offering, if I understand correctly, to have me sit in on her basic intensive training weekend in June to get some contact hours under my belt and then I can do my advanced week in Bendigo in July!

Oh my god, I am thinking, the unconscious! And then I am thinking about that for a while. And then I am thinking, the soul! But I am only thinking about that for a moment.


After an hour and a half of waiting in the cold for the train at one of the bleakest railway stations in the world, southern cross (which used to be called spencer street - and i remember it being quaint - but now it is a steel and glass monstrosity which offers nothing) to coffee and a hash brown from hungry jacks, a chain which is called burger king in every other country in the world but when they started up in australia they got sued by some little burger joint with that name and they were forced to use a different name and this is what they came up with and i hate the name hungry jacks. the hash brown only made me slightly sick so that was ok. the coffee was weird but it was hot and sweet and i managed to drink about half of it.

I have forgotten how much i enjoy travelling by long distance train even though this is not the world's best train — it is a bit shaky and strains making squeaky vibratory sounds for the whole journey, just the luck of the draw i think — but it is very nice and i have forgiven countrylink for the 83 minute delay - i record a voice memo, read my book and think and read the newspaper and watch the light and the clouds and the fields rolling by my windows and i have not a care in the world.

And now we are somewhere near Albury and if all is well we could be in Wagga by 2.30.